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Playboy - Street Rock
Sealed, Rare 1981 Original Featuring Axe-Wielding Cheesecake, Front And Back....more
Ventures - Dance!
Sealed, Rare 1963 2nd Issue Of "Twist With The Ventures" Featuring Alternate Cover Art. Shrink Wrap Has The Original Dolton Price Code Tag For Department Stores....more
ZZ Top - Cinco: The First Five LPs
Sealed 2017 180gm 5LP Set Presented In A Box Made To Look Like The Custom “Nudie Suits” Worn By “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” On Stage… Around The World. Audio Is Taken From The Original London Masters And Each Albums Artwork Has Been Faithfully Replicated....more
Simon Stokes And The Nighthawks - Simon Stokes And The Nighthawks
Rare 1970 Blue & Gold Label Stereo Original Still In Shrink Wrap. Appears Glossy, Unplayed....more
Beatles - Revolver
1971 Split Apple Label Stereo With Shrink Wrap Intact And The Original Record Factory Price Tag On The Rear Shrink. A19/F20 Stampers. Appears Unplayed. Label Variation: This Has The Artwork For An Apple Records Label But The Words "Apple Records" Appear Nowhere On This Item. Capitol Logo Appears In Rimtext On Side B. The Artist & Album Title Are On The Left Of The Center Hole. The Word STEREO Appears On The Right Side Above The Catalog Number. "Recorded In England" Does Not Appear In Parenthesis. "18" Next To The RIAA Logo On The Bottom Right Hand Corner Of The Back Cover, The Font Looks Handwritten But It Is Machine Printed....more
4 Seasons Featuring Frankie Valli - Big Girls Don't Cry
Sealed 1963 Rainbow Label Stereo Original....more
Dregs - Industry Standard
1982 Original In Shrink Wrap With Custom Inner Sleeve. Cut At Sterling Sound. LP Appears Glossy, Unplayed. “Although They Dropped The "Dixie" From Their Name In 1981, Industry Standard Is Still Basically What One Would Expect From The Dixie Dregs. It Also Proved To Be The Band's Last Album Before They Disbanded, With Fans Having To Wait Ten Years For A Reunion And A New Record. This Incarnation Of The Band Is Actually The Strongest One Musician-Wise, With Master Fiddler Mark O'Connor (In His Lone Appearance As A Dreg) Making Strong Solo And Ensemble Statements. O'Connor Really Gets To Show Off His Stuff On The Requisite Country-Tinged Instrumental, In This Case The Amusingly Titled "Where's Dixie?" By This Point, Steve Morse's Compositional Acumen Had Reached The Level Of Complexity And Polyphony That He Would Mine In His Solo Work Throughout The '80s And '90s, And The Sound Of The Band Is More Streamlined Than Ever Before. Gone From Industry Standard Are Many Of The Mahavishnu-Isms That Were So Present In The Band's Work From The 1970s. One Peculiar Feature Of This Record Is The Presence Of Two Vocalists, Ex-Santana Member Alex Ligertwood, And Doobie Brother Patrick Simmons, On One Track Each. This Marks The First And Only Time The Dregs Incorporated Singing Into Their Music. The Album Suffers Somewhat From Its Inclusion, Although There Are Some Fine Moments In The Steely Dan-Inspired "Ridin' High." The Excellent "Chips Ahoy" Is Perhaps The Strongest Track On Industry Standard, With A Lilting, Haunting Melody Played, Paradoxically, At Breakneck Speed By Morse And O'Connor. Also Of Note Is The Driving "Assembly Line" And A Lovely Acoustic Guitar Duet, "Up In The Air," Between Morse And Yes' Steve Howe. Morse, As Per Standard Operating Procedure, Demonstrates His Versatility, Range, And Chops Throughout The Album. The Interplay Between The Guitarist And Drummer Rod Morgenstein Is Particularly Stunning, As In Morse's Cathartic Solo In "Conversation Piece." All In All, Industry Standard Is One Of The Band's Strongest Albums, Although It Plays More Like A Steve Morse Solo Record Than Any Other Dregs Release. To Those Not Bothered By This, It Will Undoubtedly Provide Hours Of Listening Enjoyment.” Daniel Gioffre, AMG....more
Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Factory Sealed 1978 Limited Edition First Pressing Of This Picture Disc. Custom Foil Limited Edition Sticker On Shrink....more
Spencer Davis Group Featuring Stevie Winwood - Heavies
1969 Stereo Original In Shrink Wrap. Glossy, Unplayed Condition....more
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Li'l Red Riding Hood
Sealed 1966 Stereo Original. Archival Quality Copy....more
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils - What The Kids Want
1973 Original In Shrink Wrap. Tiny Cut Corner. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. Rear Shrink Has The Original "Wherehouse" Price Tag In Place....more
Incredible String Band - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
1968 Gold Label Stereo Original Still In Shrink Wrap. Appears Unplayed. “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter Stands As The Incredible String Band's Undisputed Classic Among Critics And Musicians Alike -- Ask Robert Plant, Who Touted Its Influence On Led Zeppelin's First Album And General Direction. Recorded And Released In 1968, The Album Hit Number Five On The U.K. Album Charts, And Was Nominated For A Grammy In The U.S. It Was Produced By Joe Boyd, And Engineered By John Wood Using 24-Track Technology. Robin Williamson, Mike Heron, And Licorice McKechnie Also Utilized The Talents Of Dolly Collins (Vocals, Flute, Organ, And Piano), And David Snell (Harp). Williamson And Heron Employed A Vast Array Of Instruments On These Songs Including Sitar, Gimbri, Pan Pipe, Oud, Chahanai, Mandolin, Guitars, Hammond B-3, Dulcimer, Harpsichord, Pan Pipes, Oud, Water Harp, And Harmonica. The Songs Were Much More Freeform And Experimental. Check Heron’s 13-Minute “A Very Cellular Song,” Which Incorporates Elements From A Sikh Hymn And A Bahamian Spiritual. Using The Hammond, A Gimbri, Pan Pipes, Handclaps, And Other Instruments, It Begins On A Two-Chord Vamp That Employs A Vocal Round In Five-Part Harmony, With Secular And Spiritual Lyrics. It’s Simply Infectious. Other Notables Include The Stellar “The Minotaur’s Song,” With Its Call And Response Chorus Played On Guitars, Upright Piano, And Six-Part Harmonies. It Melds A Children's Song With A Drinking Song To Humorous And Utterly Memorable Effect. Elsewhere, “Waltz Of The New Moon,” Employs Two-Chord Drones On Acoustic Guitar With A Meld Of Middle Eastern Vocal Styles And Scottish Field Songs. “Three Is A Green Crown” Is A Psychedelic Folk Song In All Its Hypnotic Droning Glory With Williamson’s Primitive Sitar Playing Featured Prominently. The Tender, Exotic, "Nightfall,” The Album’s Closer, Is A Lullaby, With Guitar And Sitar Accompanying The Vocal In Whole Tone Intervals. The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter Is The Most Ambitious, Focused, And Brilliantly Executed Record In ISB’s Catalog.” Thom Jurek, AMG....more
Joel, Billy - Glass Houses
Sealed 1980 Original (FC Prefix On Spine) With Three Song, Custom Hype Sticker On The Shrink Wrap. “The Back-To-Back Success Of The Stranger And 52nd Street May Have Brought Billy Joel Fame And Fortune, Even A Certain Amount Of Self-Satisfaction, But It Didn't Bring Him Critical Respect, And It Didn't Dull His Anger. If Anything, Being Classified As A Mainstream Rocker -- A Soft Rocker -- Infuriated Him, Especially Since A Generation Of Punks And New Wave Kids Were Getting The Praise That Eluded Him. He Didn't Take This Lying Down -- He Recorded Glass Houses. Comparatively A Harder-Rocking Album Than Either Of Its Predecessors, With A Distinctly Bitter Edge, Glass Houses Still Displays The Hallmarks Of Billy Joel The Pop Craftsman And Phil Ramone The World-Class Hitmaker. Even Its Hardest Songs -- The Terrifically Paranoid "Sometimes A Fantasy," "Sleepin' With The Television On," "Close To The Borderline," The Hit "You May Be Right" -- Have Bold, Direct Melodies And Clean Arrangements, Ideal For Radio Play. Instead Of Turning Out To Be A Fiery Rebuttal To His Detractors, The Album Is A Remarkable Catalog Of Contemporary Pop Styles, From Mccartney-Esque Whimsy ("Don't Ask Me Why") And Arena Rock ("All For Leyna") To Soft Rock ("C'etait Toi [You Were The One]") And Stylish New Wave Pop ("It's Still Rock And Roll To Me," Which Ironically Is Closer To New Wave Pop Than Rock). That's Not A Detriment; That's The Album's Strength. The Stranger And 52nd Street Were Fine Albums In Their Own Right, But It's Nice To Hear Joel Scale Back His Showman Tendencies And Deliver A Solid Pop/Rock Record. It May Not Be Punk -- Then Again, It May Be His Concept Of Punk -- But Glass Houses Is The Closest Joel Ever Got To A Pure Rock Album.” Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG....more
Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds Of Silence
Absolutely Stunning 1965 360 Stereo Original Featuring The Rare And Withdrawn Rear Cover In Which Art Garfunkel Is Seen Holding Tiger Beat Magazine And Sticking From His Rear Pocket. The Original Shrink Wrap Is Intact With The Columbia Pirce Code "J" Sticker On The Shrink. The Record Surfaces And Labels Are Completely Unmarked. Appears Unplayed. 1C/1F Stampers. Jacket Has Crisp Corners. Hard To Believe This Is Almost 50 Years Old....more
Bogle, Eric - Singing In The Spirit Home
1986 Original In Glossy, Unplayed Condition....more

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