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Upstairs At Eric's
Audiophile - New - MOFI 1-020
Sealed, Latest Pressing Of The 2012 Remastered Reissue. "Vince Clarke Can Claim Involvement In Two Stunning Debuts In Only Two Years: Depeche Mode's Speak And Spell And Yaz's Upstairs At Eric's. While Speak And Spell Is, By Far, The More Consistent Record, Upstairs At Eric's Is Wholly More Satisfying, Beating The Depeche Record On Substance And Ambition, And Is Light Years Ahead In Emotion. "Don't Go" And "Situation" Are Absolutely Killer With Clarke's Bubbling Synth And Singer Alison Moyet's Bluesy And Powerful Delivery. They're Both Rightful Dance Floor Staples, And Have Since Undergone Numerous Remixes, Both Official And Bootleg. "Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)" Is Just As Good A Thumper, Adding A Wonderful Mumbled Bridge That Shows How Much Clarke Enjoyed Messing With Pop Music. The Softer "Only You" Would Have Sounded Silly And Robotic If It Had Appeared On Speak And Spell, But Moyet's Vocals Makes It Bittersweet And Engaging. The Clumsier Experimental Tracks Make Most People Head For The Hits Collection, But To Do So Would Be To Miss The Album's Great Twist. The Loony Tape Loop Of "I Before E Except After C," The Skeletal "Winter Kills," And A Disruptive Phone Call In The Middle Of The Naïve "Bad Connection" Offer Up More Complex And Intimate Moments. Like Its Curious Cover, Upstairs At Eric's Presents A Fractured, Well-Lit, And Paranoid Urban Landscape." AMG Review By David Jefferies. ... more
New Import - DB 77826
Sealed 2018 180gm Remastered Reissue, Housed In A Gatefold Jacket. "On The Surface, Lodger Is The Most Accessible Of The Three Berlin-era Records David Bowie Made With Brian Eno, Simply Because There Are No Instrumentals And There Are A Handful Of Concise Pop Songs. Nevertheless, Lodger Is Still Gnarled And Twisted Avant Pop; What Makes It Different Is How It Incorporates Such Experimental Tendencies Into Genuine Songs, Something That Low And Heroes Purposely Avoided. "D.j.," "Look Back In Anger," And "Boys Keep Swinging" Have Strong Melodic Hooks That Are Subverted And Strengthened By The Layered, Dissonant Productions, While The Remainder Of The Record Is Divided Between Similarly Effective Avant Pop And Ambient Instrumentals. Lodger Has An Edgier, More Minimalistic Bent Than Its Two Predecessors, Which Makes It More Accessible For Rock Fans, As Well As Giving It A More Immediate, Emotional Impact. It Might Not Stretch The Boundaries Of Rock Like Low And Heroes, But It Arguably Utilizes Those Ideas In A More Effective Fashion." AMG Review By Stephen Thomas Erlewine. ... more
New - LP - B0011141-01
Sealed 2023 2LP gatefold, repress. The "Third" by Portishead is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that will captivate your soul and take you on a journey through the depths of your emotions. The album features a unique blend of experimental rock, trip-hop, and ambient music that showcases the band's exceptional talent and creativity. From the opening track "Silence", you'll be transported to a world of darkness and introspection, with eerie samples and haunting vocals that will leave you spellbound. As the album progresses, you'll be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the dark and brooding "Machine Gun" to the hauntingly beautiful "The Rip". The production quality on this album is second to none, with every track expertly crafted to create a sonic landscape that is both immersive and captivating. The band's use of live instrumentation, including guitars, drums, and strings, adds a depth and richness to the music that is rarely seen in modern electronic music. ... more
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
New Import - DB69734
Sealed Latest Repress Of This Remastered 180gm Reissue. This Album Arguably Sits In The Pantheon Of All Rock Records. With Ken Scott Behind The Controls And Mick Ronson Orchestrating The Music, Bowie Finally Gelled Producing An Album That Is Preserved In The Library Of Congress. ... more
Smack Up
New - LP - CR00706
Sealed 2024 180gm remastered reissue from Craft Recordings; Part of their Contemporary Records Acoustic Sounds Series. Cut from original sources by Bernie Grundman and pressed at QRP. Art Pepper, Alto Sax; Jack Sheldon, Trumpet; Pete Jolly, Piano; Jimmy Bond, Bass; Frank Butler Drums. Tracks Are "Smack Up," "Las Cuevas De Mario," "A Bit Of Basie," "How Can You Lose," "Maybe Next Year" And "Tears Inside." An All-Time Classic Recorded By Roy DuNann In 1960. ... more
Jaguar II
New - LP - 196588410215
Sealed 2023 original gatefold pressing; Slated to be pressed on 140gm Brown vinyl with printed inner sleeve & fold-out insert. ... more
Black Messiah
New - LP - 88875-05655-1
Sealed, latest run of the 2015 2LP gatefold pressing. An instant classic. "The One-Eighty Questlove Promised Back In 2012, When The Drummer And Producer Persuaded D'Angelo To Perform For The First Time In A Dozen Years, Turns Out To Be Closer To A Ten. As Those Who Caught Later Gigs And Subsequent Uploads Could Attest, There Were No Signs That D'Angelo -- Enigmatic Maker Of Two Classics That Twisted Gospel, Soul, Funk, And Hip-hop With Aloof But Deep-Feeling Swagger -- Was Developing His Third Studio Album With Production Pointers From David Guetta Or Elocution Lessons From Glee's Vocal Director. Instead, He's Made Another Album That Invites Comparisons To The Purposefully Sloppy Funk Of Sly & The Family Stone's There's A Riot Goin' On. It's More Outward-looking, Refined, And Bristly Than What Preceded It, However, And Has Much In Common With Releases From Retro-progressive Peers Like Van Hunt And Bilal. D'Angelo Retains The Rhythmic Core That Helped Him Create Voodoo, Namely Questlove, Bassist Pino Palladino, And Trumpeter Roy Hargrove, And Adds Many Players To The Mix, Including Guitarist Jesse Johnson And Drummers James Gadson And Chris Dave. Q-Tip Contributed To The Writing Of Two Songs, But A Greater Impact Is Made By Kendra Foster, Who Co-wrote The Same Pair, As Well As Six Additional Numbers, And Can Often Be Heard In The Background." AllMusic Review By Andy Kellman. ... more
The Man Who Sold The World
New - LP - DB69732
Sealed, latest run of the 2016 reissue. "Even Though It Contained No Hits, The Man Who Sold The World, For Most Intents And Purposes, Was The Beginning Of David Bowie's Classic Period. Working With Guitarist Mick Ronson And Producer Tony Visconti For The Second Time Bowie Developed A Tight, Twisted Heavy Guitar Rock That Appears Simple On The Surface But Sounds More Gnarled Upon Each Listen. The Mix Is Off-center, With The Fuzz-bass Dominating The Compressed, Razor-thin Guitars And Bowie's Strangled, Affected Voice. The Sound Of The Man Who Sold The World Is Odd, But The Music Itself Is Bizarre, With Bowie's Weird, Paranoid Futuristic Tales Melded To Ronson's Riffing And The Band's Relentless Attack. Musically, There Isn't Much Innovation On The Man Who Sold The World -- It Is Almost All Hard Blues-rock Or Psychedelic Folk-rock -- But There's An Unsettling Edge To The Band's Performance, Which Makes The Record One Of Bowie's Best Albums." AMG - Stephen Thomas Erlewine ... more
The Cars
Audiophile - New - MFSL 1-274
Sealed, latest pressing of the 180gm 2009 remaster from Mobile Fidelity with gold-foil numbering. The rear cover has the updated audio/signal path information. From the first notes of the opening track, "Good Times Roll," it is evident that The Cars have something special to offer. The album's infectious energy, catchy hooks, and sleek production instantly captivate the listener. With its blend of pulsating synthesizers, driving guitars, and Ric Ocasek's distinctive vocals, the album establishes a sound that is simultaneously fresh and familiar. Each track on "The Cars" is meticulously crafted, with tight arrangements and memorable melodies that have become signature elements of the band's sound. Songs like "Just What I Needed" and "My Best Friend's Girl" showcase The Cars' knack for writing irresistibly catchy pop-rock anthems that remain etched in the collective memory of music lovers. "The Cars" is also notable for its sleek and polished production, which was ahead of its time. The band, along with producer Roy Thomas Baker, masterfully balanced the raw energy of their performances with a precise and crisp sonic quality. This attention to detail enhanced the album's radio-friendly appeal and helped solidify The Cars' sound as both accessible and groundbreaking. ... more
Speak Now (Taylor's Version)
Colored Vinyl - New - 2448438034
Sealed 2023 3LP on orchid vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Includes 6 unreleased songs from the vault and new photos. Taylor Swift's re-recording of her 2010 album Speak Now, dubbed "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)," not only captures the nostalgia of the original but also marks a significant moment in her ongoing battle for ownership of her music. This album showcases Swift's growth as an artist, both vocally and lyrically, as well as her ability to re-interpret her own work. Highlights include "Mine," "Back to December," and "Enchanted," all of which sound fresh and polished with Swift's current vocal range and production values. The album also features six previously unreleased songs, including the standout track "Message in a Bottle," which showcases Swift's signature storytelling ability. "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" is a brilliant reimagining of an already incredible album, and it serves as a reminder of Swift's talent as a songwriter and performer. It's a must-listen for both old and new fans alike. ... more

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