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Lost In Love
Used Import - 25RS-86
1980 Japan import. "Lost in Love" by Air Supply is a perfect example of 80s soft-rock at its best. The album consists of ten tracks, all of which are love ballads that are sure to woo any listener. The opening track, "Lost in Love," is a timeless classic that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Russell Hitchcock's smooth vocals blend perfectly with Graham Russell's guitar melodies, creating a sound that is both soothing and uplifting. The standout tracks on the album include "All Out of Love" and "Every Woman in the World," both of which were chart-topping hits. The album also features a few slower, more introspective tracks such as "Chances" and "Having You Near Me," which showcase Air Supply's ability to create beautiful, heartfelt ballads. Overall, "Lost in Love" is a must-listen for any fan of 80s soft-rock and a great addition to any music collection. ... more
Fistful Of Hollow
Used - LP - FAT932-1
2014 black vinyl original. The “Swingin’ Utters” have never been ones to shy away from their punk rock roots, and “Fistful Of Hollow” is no exception. The San Francisco-based band delivers a high-energy, hard-hitting record that stays true to their signature sound while also exploring new sonic territory. What sets this record apart from previous “Swingin’ Utters” releases is the addition of more acoustic instrumentation and country-inspired melodies. Songs like “Dubstep” and “H.L.S.” showcase the band’s willingness to experiment with new sounds while still maintaining their punk rock edge. Overall, “Fistful Of Hollow” is a solid addition to the “Swingin’ Utters” discography and a testament to the band’s longevity and creativity. Fans of the band’s early work will not be disappointed, while newcomers will find a lot to love in the band’s dynamic and exciting sound. ... more
Pretzel Logic
Used - LP - B0034986-01
2023 Gatefold Vinyl Reissue. "Countdown To Ecstasy Wasn't Half The Hit That Can't Buy A Thrill Was, And Steely Dan Responded By Trimming The Lengthy Instrumental Jams That Were Scattered Across Countdown And Concentrating On Concise Songs For Pretzel Logic. While The Shorter Songs Usually Indicate A Tendency Toward Pop Conventions, That's Not The Case With Pretzel Logic. Instead Of Relying On Easy Hooks, Walter Becker And Donald Fagen Assembled Their Most Complex And Cynical Set Of Songs To Date. Dense With Harmonics, Countermelodies, And Bop Phrasing, Pretzel Logic Is Vibrant With Unpredictable Musical Juxtapositions And Snide, But Very Funny, Wordplay. Listen To How The Album's Hit Single, "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," Opens With A Syncopated Piano Line That Evolves Into A Graceful Pop Melody, Or How The Title Track Winds From A Blues To A Jazzy Chorus -- Becker And Fagen's Craft Has Become Seamless While Remaining Idiosyncratic And Thrillingly Accessible. Since The Songs Are Now Paramount, It Makes Sense That Pretzel Logic Is Less Of A Band-oriented Album Than Countdown To Ecstasy, Yet It Is The Richest Album In Their Catalog, One Where The Backhanded Dylan Tribute "Barrytown" Can Sit Comfortably Next To The Gorgeous "Any Major Dude Will Tell You." Steely Dan Made More Accomplished Albums Than Pretzel Logic, But They Never Made A Better One." AMG - Stephen Thomas Erlewine. ... more
Countdown To Ecstasy
Used - LP - B0034988-01
2023 180gm Remastered Reissue, Includes Printed Inner Sleeve With Lyrics. "Countdown To Ecstasy" Is The Second Studio Album By The American Rock Band Steely Dan, Released In 1973. The Album Was Produced By Gary Katz And Was Recorded At The Village Recorder In Los Angeles. The Band Members, Donald Fagen And Walter Becker, Had Previously Met At Bard College In New York And Had Formed Steely Dan In 1972. Their Debut Album, "Can't Buy A Thrill," Had Been A Commercial Success, And They Continued To Gain Popularity With "Countdown To Ecstasy." The Album Features A Blend Of Rock, Jazz, And R&b Influences, With Lyrics That Are Often Cryptic And Satirical. It Includes Some Of The Band's Most Popular And Enduring Songs, Including "Bodhisattva," "My Old School," And "Show Biz Kids." Despite Receiving Positive Reviews, "Countdown To Ecstasy" Initially Struggled To Match The Commercial Success Of The Band's Debut Album. However, It Has Since Become Recognized As A Classic Of The 1970s Rock Era, And Is Considered By Many Fans And Critics To Be The Band's Best Album. Overall, "Countdown To Ecstasy" Is A Seminal Album In The History Of Steely Dan And A Landmark In The Development Of Jazz-rock Fusion Music. ... more
Can't Buy A Thrill
Used - LP - B0035111-01
Sealed 2022 50th Anniversary 180gm Gatefold Reissue. "Walter Becker And Donald Fagen Were Remarkable Craftsmen From The Start, As Steely Dan's Debut, Can't Buy A Thrill, Illustrates. Each Song Is Tightly Constructed, With Interlocking Chords And Gracefully Interwoven Melodies, Buoyed By Clever, Cryptic Lyrics. All Of These Are Hallmarks Of Steely Dan's Signature Sound, But What Is Most Remarkable About The Record Is The Way It Differs From Their Later Albums. Of Course, One Of The Most Notable Differences Is The Presence Of Vocalist David Palmer, A Professional Blue-eyed Soul Vocalist Who Oversings The Handful Of Tracks Where He Takes The Lead. Palmer's Very Presence Signals The One Major Flaw With The Album -- In An Attempt To Appeal To A Wide Audience, Becker And Fagen Tempered Their Wildest Impulses With Mainstream Pop Techniques. Consequently, There Are Very Few Of The Jazz Flourishes That Came To Distinguish Their Albums -- The Breakthrough Single, "Do It Again," Does Work An Impressively Tight Latin Jazz Beat, And "Reelin' In The Years" Has Jazzy Guitar Solos And Harmonies -- And The Production Is Overly Polished, Conforming To All The Conventions Of Early-'70s Radio. Of Course, That Gives These Decidedly Twisted Songs A Subversive Edge, But Compositionally, These Aren't As Innovative As Their Later Work. Even So, The Best Moments ("Dirty Work," "Kings," "Midnight Cruiser," "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again") Are Wonderful Pop Songs That Subvert Traditional Conventions And More Than Foreshadow The Paths Steely Dan Would Later Take." AMG - Stephen Thomas Erlewine. ... more
Reflections Of The Moon On Two Lakes
Used - LP - 6.340069
1981 Original Housed In A Laminated Jacket. Yuan Fang Conducting The Central Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, Peking. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. ... more
Used - 7 - 7-671180
2021 7" Single-Sided Square Shaped Flexi-Disc Single. Issued In A Clear Plastic Sleeve With Double Sided Custom Printed Insert. ... more
Colored Vinyl - New - B0033519-01
Sealed 2021 Limited Edition Pressing On Red Vinyl With Alternate Artwork. "On Her First Spanish-language Ep, 2021's Revelación, Selena Gomez Conjures A Romantic Atmosphere That Balances Chic Studio-cool With Warm Vulnerability. It's A Mature Sound And One That Builds Nicely Upon Her Genre-blending 2020 Studio Album Rare, Which Found Gomez Pushing The Stylistic Boundaries Of Her Mainstream Aesthetic, Experimenting With French Disco, R&b, And Some Latin-influenced Rhythms. It Was Also One Of Her Most Intimate-sounding Albums, Revealing Diary-like Lyrics About Personal Feelings And Desires. On Revelación, She Remains Just As Artistically Fearless, Embracing Her Latin Roots And Further Pushing Her Sound In A Sophisticated Pop Direction. While She Has Sung A Little In Spanish In The Past, Gomez (Whose Father Is Mexican And Who Is Named After The Iconic Tejano Singer Selena Quintanilla) Had Never Made An Album Sung So Largely In The Language. Helping Her Bring The Ideas To Fruition Here Are A Small Cadre Of Producers, Including Albert Hype, Jota Rosa, Neon16, And Tainy, Among Others. Together They Craft A Hypnotic Blend Of Alternative R&b, Latin Pop, And Reggaeton, Framing Gomez's Intimate Vocals In Textured Synths, Dense Bass Grooves, And Clipped Electronic Beats. Gomez Has Grown Significantly As A Performer Since Her Early Disney Years And Revelación Further Underlines That Transformation." AMG - Matt Collar. ... more
Curtain Call - The Hits
Colored Vinyl - New - B0032418-01
Sealed 2020 2LP Gatefold Limited Edition Reissue Pressed On Translucent Blue Vinyl. Shrink Tear And Area Of Light Indentation Marks. "If Eminem's Curtain Call: The Hits Really Is His Final Bow And Not Merely A Clever Denouement To His Series Of Eminem Show And Encore Albums, It's A Worthy Way To Retire. And Even If He Stages A Comeback Years From Now, There's Little Question That The First Five Years Of His Career, Spanning Four Albums Plus A Soundtrack, Will Be His Popular And Creative Peak, Meaning That The Time Is Right For Curtain Call -- It Has All The Songs Upon Which His Legend Lies. Which Isn't Necessarily The Same Things As All The Hits. There Are A Few Odds And Ends Missing -- Most Notably One Of His First Hip-hop Hits, "Just Don't Give A F***," Plus 2003's "Superman" And 2005's "Ass Like That" -- But All The Big Songs Are Here: "Guilty Conscience," "My Name Is," "Stan," "The Real Slim Shady," "The Way I Am," "Cleanin' Out My Closet," "Lose Yourself," "Without Me" And "Just Lose It." They're Not Presented In Chronological Order, Which By And Large Isn't A Problem, Since The Sequencing Here Not Only Has A Good, Logical Momentum, Alternating Between Faster And Slower Tracks, But They're All Part Of A Body Of Work That's One Of The Liveliest, Most Inventive In Pop Music In The 21st Century. The Only Exception To The Rule Are The Three New Songs Here, All Finding Shady Sounding Somewhat Thin. There's The Closing "When I'm Gone," A Sentimental Chapter In The Eminem Domestic Psychodrama That Bears The Unmistakable Suggestion That Em Is Going Away For A While. While It's Not Up To The Standard Of "Mockingbird," It Is More Fully Realized Than The Two Other New Cuts Here, Both Sex Songs That Find Shady Sounding As If He's Drifting Along In His Own Orbit. "Shake That" Has An Incongruous Nate Dogg Crooning The Chorus, While The Wildly Weird "Fack" Finds Eminem Spending The Entire Track Fighting Off An Orgasm; It Seems Tired, A Little Too Close To Vulgar Weird Al Territory, And It Doesn't Help That His Jenna Jameson Reference Seems A Little Old. Even If These Three Cuts Suggest Why Eminem Is, If Not Retiring, At Least Taking A Long Break, That's Fine: They're Reasonably Good And Are Bolstered By The Rest Of The Songs Here, Which Don't Just Capture Him At His Best, But Retain Their Energy, Humor, Weirdness, And Vitality Even After They've Long Become Overly Familiar. And That Means Curtain Call Isn't Just A Good Way To Bow Out, But It's A Great Greatest-hits Album By Any Measure." AMG - Stephen Thomas Erlewine. ... more
Colored Vinyl - New - B0033439-01
Sealed 2021 2LP Gatefold Red Vinyl Pressing. "Appearing A Mere Five Months After Folklore, Evermore Is A Direct Sequel To Its Predecessor, Recorded In A Similar Fashion During The 2020 Quarantine, Containing A Similar Supporting Cast And Exploring A Familiar Set Of Emotions. Evermore Isn't Quite A "Folklore, Vol. 2," Though. Where Folklore Was A Controlled Departure, An Album Where Every Element Fell Into Exact Place, Taylor Swift Is Quite A Bit Looser On Evermore, Playing With Narratives And Texture, Feeling So Comfortable In Her Moody Surroundings That She Throws Around Profanities Without Hesitation. The Explicit Language Serves As A Signal To Swift's Ongoing Maturation As A Songwriter -- More Than Ever, It's Clear That She Spins Stories In A Third Character -- But Evermore Benefits From A Slight Playfulness, A Quality She Deliberately Suppressed On Folklore. It Surfaces Strongly On "No Body, No Crime," A Murder Revenge Tale Told With The Assistance Of Haim, And Flows Through The Insistent Pulse Of "Long Story Short" And The Sweet Sway Of "Dorothea." Swift Still Leans Into Bittersweet Settings, Finding A Sympathetic Collaborator In Aaron Dessner, The Co-leader Of The National Who Produced And Co-wrote The Great Majority Of The Record. The National Themselves Are Featured On "Coney Island" -- Bryce Dessner's Grave Intonations Provide A Strikingly Effective Contrast To Swift's Gentle Phrasing -- But They, Like Dessner On The Rest Of The Album, Work As Expert Support To Taylor, Coaxing Out The Bittersweet Complexities Of Her Compositions. Evermore Reaches Something Of A Crescendo On "Marjorie," An Ode To Her Late Grandmother Where The Delicately Shifting Arrangement -- More Electronic Than Acoustic, Despite The Album's Rural Imagery -- Underscores Instead Of Heightens Swift's Open Grieving. While "Marjorie" Might Veer Toward The Melancholy, Evermore As A Whole Doesn't Play As A Sad Album. Swift Enjoys Playing With The New Musical And Emotional Colors On Her Palette For Evermore To Anything But A Warm Balm, A Record Suited For Contemplation, Not Loneliness." AMG - Stephen Thomas Erlewine. ... more

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