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The Heartening
New - LP - AAW-TH-TH12
Sealed 2023 original. Limited first pressing of 500, on 150g black vinyl; Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and manufactured by RTI. "Amy Aileen Wood is unaccustomed to the spotlight, which is very much by design. A calming presence in any room and a force behind the drum kit, Wood meshes her astute listening skills with an undeniable ownership of the music at hand, as illustrated in her work on Fiona Apple’s 2020 record Fetch The Bolt Cutters, which Wood co-produced. When initially approached by Pete Min of Colorfield Records about collaborating on an album of her own, Amy was met with a mix of intrigue and abject terror. “My motivation was entirely fear based,” Wood explains, “I think my first question for Pete was, ‘are you sure?’ But it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone. And ultimately it was equal parts uncomfortable and rewarding.” By harnessing those feelings of discomfort, Amy manages to create a lush soundscape rife with tension, release, curiosity and playful exploration on her debut release, The Heartening. Armed with little more than a cymbal bag, a bottle of wine, and a willingness to explore, Amy and Pete hunkered down in Min’s Los Angeles studio, Lucy’s Meat Market, for a series of experimental sessions in the spring and summer of 2023. The goal of those sessions? In Amy’s words, “to come in and be as unencumbered as possible.” The resulting album features cameo appearances from Bolt Cutter brethren Fiona Apple, Sebastian Steinberg, and John Would, with guest work from Daphne Chen, Nicole McCabe, Wayne Whittaker, and Kelsey Wood. Drawing from such eclectic influences as 90s hip-hop and punk rock to artists like Floating Points and Brian Eno, The Heartening is a record steeped in subtle textures, unpredictable twists and ear-turning instrumentation, a paradoxical listening experience that is at once both calming and chaotic. -Wayne Whittaker" ... more
New - LP - OJC-021
Sealed 2024 vinyl reissue. (Likely a run of the 2015 reissue) "In Addition To Being Bandmates Within Miles Davis' Mid-'50s Quintet, John Coltrane (Tenor Sax) And Red Garland (Piano) Head Up A Session Featuring Members From A Concurrent Version Of The Red Garland Trio: Paul Chambers (Bass) And Art Taylor (Drums). This Was The Second Date To Feature The Core Of This Band. A Month Earlier, Several Sides Were Cut That Would End Up On Coltrane's Lush Life Album. Soultrane Offers A Sampling Of Performance Styles And Settings From Coltrane And Crew. As With A Majority Of His Prestige Sessions, There Is A Breakneck-tempo Bop Cover (In This Case An Absolute Reworking Of Irving Berlin's "Russian Lullaby"), A Few Smoldering Ballads (Such As "I Want To Talk About You" And "Theme For Ernie"), As Well As A Mid-tempo Romp ("Good Bait"). Each Of These Sonic Textures Displays A Different Facet Of Not Only The Musical Kinship Between Coltrane And Garland But In The Relationship That Coltrane Has With The Music. The Bop-heavy Solos That Inform "Good Bait," As Well As The "Sheets Of Sound" Technique That Was Named For The Fury In Coltrane's Solos On The Rendition Of "Russian Lullaby" Found Here, Contain The Same Intensity As The More Languid And Considerate Phrasings Displayed Particularly Well On "I Want To Talk About You." As Time Will Reveal, This Sort Of Manic Contrast Would Become A Significant Attribute Of Coltrane's Unpredictable Performance Style. Not Indicative Of The Quality Of This Set Is The Observation That, Because Of The Astounding Coltrane Solo Works That Both Precede And Follow Soultrane -- Most Notably Lush Life And Blue Train -- The Album Has Perhaps Not Been Given The Exclusive Attention It So Deserves." All Music Guide - Lindsay Planer. ... more
Some Great Reward | The 12" Singles
Box Set - New - 12DMBOX04
Sealed 2018 LE numbered box set featuring 6 x 12" singles faithfully reproduced from the original artwork and audio masters. Includes reproduction of original marketing poster and digital download code. Custom clear hype sticker on shrink. EU Import. "The peak of the band's industrial-gone-mainstream fusion, and still one of the best electronic music albums yet recorded, Some Great Reward still sounds great, with the band's ever-evolving musical and production skills matching even more ambitious songwriting from Martin Gore. "People Are People" appears here, but finds itself outclassed by some of Depeche Mode's undisputed classics, most especially the moody, beautiful "Somebody," a Gore-sung piano ballad that mixes its wit and emotion skillfully; "Master and Servant," an amped-up, slamming dance track that conflates sexual and economic politics to sharp effect; and the closing "Blasphemous Rumors," a slow-building anthemic number supporting one of Gore's most cynical lyrics, addressing a suicidal teen who finds God only to die soon afterward. Even lesser-known tracks like the low-key pulse of "Lie to Me" and the weirdly dreamy "It Doesn't Matter" showcase an increasingly confident band. Alan Wilder's arrangements veer from the big to the stripped down, but always with just the right touch, such as the crowd samples bubbling beneath "Somebody" or the call/response a cappella start to "Master and Servant." With Reward, David Gahan's singing style found the métier it was going to stick with for the next ten years, and while it's never gone down well with some ears, it still has a compelling edge to it that suits the material well." All Music Guide - Ned Raggett ... more
Oh Baby!
New - LP - 4535307
Sealed 2022 Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series 180gm remastered audiophile reissue. Mastered from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. "Patton's fourth album for Blue Note. Big John Patton with Grant Green on guitar and Harold Vick on tenor sax. With tunes like "Fat Judy" and "Good Juice," there is no worry about there being a groove. The addition of a trumpet (Blue Mitchell) means you have a horn section, and this tends to be a little much now and again. Although a little on the light side, thanks to Patton and Green, the groove does go down." All Music Guide - Michael Erlewine ... more
Silver & Gold
New Import - 9362-47305-1
Sealed, latest reissue of the rare 2000 release. No hype sticker on shrink. "Silver & Gold went through a number of incarnations before it was finally released in the spring of 2000. The endless delays raised hopes for the album, as did superstition -- dedicated Neil Young fans believed he was creatively reborn at the end of each decade. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Rust Never Sleeps, and Freedom added credence to this theory, but those records were knocked out quickly, appearing a year after their predecessors. In contrast, Silver & Gold appeared four years after Broken Arrow. During those four years, all sorts of projects were in the works for Young, including a 1999 reunion with Crosby, Stills & Nash. His three songs on their comeback Looking Forward were pleasant acoustic numbers that often seemed a little slight. It was easy to assume that Young was saving the real treasures for his solo record, but Silver & Gold doesn't confirm that theory. Instead, it's a continuation of his Looking Forward contributions, performed with the warm, amiable ramble of Harvest Moon. A pleasant sound, to be sure, but not exactly what Young followers were expecting. They also may be a little dismayed to realize that two of its best songs, "Silver & Gold" and "Razor Love," date from 1982 and 1987, respectively, suggesting that Neil may not be at the top of his game. Still, there are no truly bad songs here, although the light-hearted, light-headed reminiscence "Buffalo Springfield Again" treads close to the borderline. It's a low-key, charming, comfortable record, which is hardly a bad thing at all -- it just doesn't quite live up to the abnormally high expectations. Fortunately, those expectations fade upon repeated plays, and Silver & Gold reveals itself as a nice Neil Young record. Nothing particularly special, but nice all the same." All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine ... more
Gold Afternoon Fix
New Import - MOVLP2665
Sealed 2022 180gm audiophile reissue from Music On Vinyl. Custom black MOV hype sticker on shrink. "Gold Afternoon Fix should have been a consolidation of the band's increased commercial profile and cachet after "Under the Milky Way," heightened by the welcome reissue of the band's first five albums. Unfortunately, the Church's original choice for producer -- John Paul Jones, who likely would have helped oversee a total masterpiece -- was rejected, leading to another session with Wachtel. This time the balance between accessibility and art didn't succeed as planned. The end result is an album that's sometimes fantastic, sometimes merely there. Some of the singles didn't help things any -- the first, "Metropolis," is one of the band's more subtle rockers, with a catchy chorus and some fine guitar, especially at the end, but not immediate first-listen success. The first track on the album as a whole is a different matter -- "Pharoah" is a dramatic start, with the slow builds so favored by the band given a decidedly threatening, ominous twist. After that things move between hit and miss, but there's enough character coming through to ensure a pleasant listen. "Monday Morning" lightly repeats the waltz-time feel of Starfish's "Antenna," while "Russian Autumn Heart," Willson-Piper's vocal lead on the album, is a crisp rocker with the guitarist delivering things in his trademark ragged-but-right fashion. Other general highlights include "Disappointment" and the gentle "Laughing," but "Grind" is the other main keeper on Fix, a slow destructive burn of a song that matches the opening menace of "Pharoah" with a measured downward slide." All Music Guide - Ned Raggett ... more
New Import - MOVLP1818
Sealed 2017 2LP 180gm audiophile reissue from Music On Vinyl. Custom gold MOV hype sticker affixed to resealable plastic sleeve. Includes 4 page booklet with liner notes. "As it boldly declares on its cover, Collected is a 54-track anthology of Marvin Gaye's output. It covers the singer's earliest material from the '60s and extends all the way to the posthumous 1985 single "Sanctified Lady," so it contains material originally released on Tamla/Motown and CBS. It's not definitive -- it's a bit too thrown together and cheaply packaged to qualify -- but it does include a lot of Gaye's essential material. "Pride and Joy," "Can I Get a Witness," "Ain't That Peculiar," "What's Going On," "Let's Get It On," "Got to Give It Up," "I Want You," and "Sexual Healing" are among the hit selections." All Music Guide - Andy Kellman ... more
The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett
New - LP - EWORKS1147LP
Sealed 2014 2LP original pressed on 180gm crystal clear vinyl. "It's not like Mark Oliver Everett (hereafter known as E) hasn't dealt with these themes before. His whole recording career, most of it done under the Eels moniker, has been full of brilliantly crafted pop songs that tour death, terminal illness, regrets, lost dear ones, a veiled belief in better days and times overlaid by thick angst, and now and then, actual bursts of bouncing joy and humor. So there's nothing really new thematically on the 11th Eels album, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, and even its sparse, stripped-down, and lightly orchestrated acoustic folk feel is something E has often visited. He turned 50 while writing these songs, so maybe that has something to do with the heavy and regretful tone that washes through these rather muted, weary, and almost whispered musings, few of which even rise to the tempo of a slow shuffle. There's hardly a snare drum or a trap kit in sight. E is obviously trying to present a story here, for the album opens with a brief instrumental called "Where I'm At," touches down on a song called "Where I'm From" midway through, and then closes things out with E doing his best Tom Waits impression on the closing track, "Where I'm Going," which ultimately decides, perhaps not quite completely convinced, that the future looks promising. But in truth, most of the songs have to do with regrets over a lost love, one E wishes he hadn't walked away from, and if that's what this cautionary tale of an album is cautioning, then it's hopeless, we've all done that. Everyone knows how that feels. What saves this album from being just another version of some guy at the bar going on and on about some lady he lost is E's subtle and easy way with a melody, and even though some of these songs are so slow as to barely have a pulse, they flow well and easily into and out of each other. A couple stand out on first listen, most notably the thoughtful "Parallels" and the first single "Agatha Chang," which captures this album's theme of facing up to and resolving one's regrets in a perfect narrative, and it gives off a Randy Newman singing Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" kind of feel. Obviously E felt he had to make this album. Now he has, and the message seems to be don't mess up a good relationship or you'll regret it, but only time will reveal what the future brings, and that future maybe, just maybe, might be better if we actually learn something. Thanks E. Who could argue?" All Music Guide - Steve Leggett ... more
Pour Down Like Silver
New Import - 779 811-0
Sealed 2020 180gm EU reissue. Custom hype sticker on shrink. "Pour Down Like Silver was the last album Richard & Linda Thompson would release before beginning a self-imposed three-year retirement in order to join a communal Sufi Muslim sect. The cover photographs show the Thompsons dressed in traditional Muslim garb, and while lyrically the album offers few clear signs of the Thompsons' new spiritual direction, the stark asceticism of the music marked a real change from the alcohol-fueled mood swings of I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight and Hokey Pokey. The horns, accordion, and ancient instruments that had dotted Richard and Linda's previous albums were used far more sparingly on Pour Down Like Silver, and even Thompson's usually astounding electric guitar solos were pared down in favor of an emotionally intimate, bare-wired approach that sounds alternately like a confession and a plea for guidance. Pour Down Like Silver is downbeat even by Richard Thompson's less than joyful standards, but it also features some of his most beautiful and compelling songs -- the ravaged plea for salvation of "Streets of Paradise," the mysterious and mesmerizing "Night Comes In," the mournful romantic meditations "Beat the Retreat" and "For Shame of Doing Wrong," and the spare but heartfelt love song "Dimming of the Day." And Linda (usually the more pragmatic of the two) breaks the mood near the end of side two with the cynically witty "Hard Luck Stories." Pour Down Like Silver is the most severe of the Richard & Linda Thompson albums, but those brave enough to look past its dark surface will find a startlingly beautiful album; it's not an easy album to listen to, but it greatly rewards the effort." All Music Guide - Mark Deming ... more
Black Sea
New Import - APELP104
Sealed 2020 remastered reissue pressed on 200gm super heavyweight vinyl. Custom hype sticker on shrink. "XTC continue on with the big drum sound of Drums and Wires, adding more polish and an even heavier-hitting approach for Black Sea -- their arrangements are fuller and they rock harder than ever before. Where Drums and Wires implied social commentary, Black Sea more directly addresses sociopolitical concerns, handling them not strictly in a theoretical sense, but rather showing a human response to the circumstances. Of course, the band's skewed outlook and mid-'60s pop sense keeps things from becoming too heavy -- included are some of their finest songs, like "Respectable Street," "Generals and Majors," and "Towers of London," as well as the thoroughly enjoyable pop fluff throwaway "Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)" to keep the mood light. All in all, there isn't a bad song in the bunch -- Black Sea is their most consistent album to date -- and although XTC always operated on the fringes, the album is their most commercial-sounding, fitting in perfectly with the new wave of the late '70s/early '80s. [The 1987 CD reissue adds three tracks -- "Smokeless Zone," "Don't Lose Your Temper," and "The Somnambulist" -- to the middle of the album. And while the extras are welcomed (especially "Don't Lose Your Temper"), they really should have been tacked on to the end rather than disrupting the original.]" All Music Guide - Chris Woodstra ... more

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