A Tribe Called Quest

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Beats, Rhymes And Life
Used - LP - 01241-41587-1
1996 2LP 2nd press. Beats, Rhymes and Life is the fourth album by the prolific Queens-based hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest, released in 1996 under the Jive label. The album features a range of introspective and reflective songs that explore the group's experiences and their outlook on life. One of the most notable aspects of the album is the music production, which is mainly handled by Q-Tip, the group's lead rapper and producer, with contributions from Ali Shaheed Muhammad, a member of the group. The album is characterized by its complex and layered soundscapes that blend jazz, funk, and soul influences with classic hip-hop beats. The result is a rich and lush sonic palette that showcases the group's musical prowess. Lyrically, the album explores a range of themes, including self-reflection, social commentary, and the challenges of the music industry. The opening track, "Phony Rappers," sets the tone for the album with its critique of inauthenticity in the rap game. Other standout tracks include "Stressed Out," a poignant reflection on the pressures of fame, and "1nce Again," an upbeat and infectious ode to hip-hop culture. One of the most notable features of the album is the chemistry between the group's members, which is evident in the interplay between Q-Tip's smooth flow and Phife Dawg's energetic rhymes. The album also features guest appearances from a range of notable artists, including Busta Rhymes, Consequence, and Faith Evans, among others. Overall, Beats, Rhymes and Life is a compelling and thoughtful album that showcases A Tribe Called Quest's musical and lyrical prowess. The album's complex and layered soundscapes, poignant lyrics, and tight-knit collaborations make it a standout in the group's extensive discography. more
Midnight Marauders
New - LP - 01241-41490-1
Sealed Repress, With Parental Advisory Sticker On Shrink. Unable To Confirm Label Colour. Cited By Many Sources And Experts As One Of The Top 100 Rap Albums Of All-Time! “Though The Abstract Rappers Finally Betrayed A Few Commercial Ambitions For Midnight Marauders, The Happy Result Was A Smart, Hooky Record That May Not Have Furthered The Jazz-Rap Fusions Of The Low End Theory, But Did Merge Tribe-Style Intelligence And Reflection With Some Of The Most Inviting Grooves Heard On Any Early-'90S Rap Record. The Productions, More Funky Than Jazzy, Were Tighter Overall -- But The Big Improvement, Four Years After Their Debut, Came With Q-Tip's And Phife Dawg's Raps. Focused Yet Funky, Polished But Raw, The Duo Was Practically Telepathic On "Steve Biko (Stir It Up)" And "The Chase, Pt. 2," Though The Mammoth Track Here Was The Pop Hit "Award Tour." A Worldwide Call-Out Record With A Killer Riff And A Great Pair Of Individual Raps From The Pair, It Assured That Midnight Marauders Would Become A Tribe Called Quest's Biggest Seller… A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders Was Commercially Successful, Artistically Adept, And Lyrically Inventive; The Album Cemented Their Status As Alternative Rap's Prime Sound Merchants, Authors Of The Most Original Style Since The Bomb Squad First Exploded On Wax.” John Bush, AMG. more
The Love Movement
New - LP - 01241-41638-1
Sealed 1998 3LP Limited Edition Original With Hype Sticker. more
The Low End Theory
New - LP - 01241-41418-1
Sealed, Latest 2LP Remastered Reissue Of The 1991, Landscape-Changing Release From The Pioneering Hip-Hop Group. 5 Stars! “While Most Of The Players In The Jazz-Rap Movement Never Quite Escaped The Pasted-On Qualities Of Their Vintage Samples, With The Low End Theory, A Tribe Called Quest Created One Of The Closest And Most Brilliant Fusions Of Jazz Atmosphere And Hip-Hop Attitude Ever Recorded. The Rapping By Q-Tip And Phife Dawg Could Be The Smoothest Of Any Rap Record Ever Heard; The Pair Are So In Tune With Each Other, They Sound Like Flip Sides Of The Same Personality, Fluidly Trading Off On Rhymes, With The Former Earning His Nickname (The Abstract) And Phife Concerning Himself With The More Concrete Issues Of Being Young, Gifted, And Black. The Trio Also Takes On The Rap Game With A Pair Of Hard-Hitting Tracks: "Rap Promoter" And "Show Business," The Latter A Lyrical Soundclash With Q-Tip And Phife Plus Brand Nubian's Diamond D, Lord Jamar, And Sadat X. The Woman Problem Gets Investigated As Well, On Two Realistic Yet Sensitive Tracks, "Butter" And "The Infamous Date Rape." The Productions Behind These Tracks Aren't Quite Skeletal, But They're Certainly Not Complex. Instead, Tribe Weaves Little More Than A Stand-Up Bass (Sampled Or, On One Track, Jazz Luminary Ron Carter) And Crisp, Live-Sounding Drum Programs With A Few Deftly Placed Samples Or Electric Keyboards. It's A Tribute To Their Unerring Production Sense That, With Just Those Few Tools, Tribe Produced One Of The Best Hip-Hop Albums In History, A Record That Sounds Better With Each Listen. The Low End Theory Is An Unqualified Success, The Perfect Marriage Of Intelligent, Flowing Raps To Nuanced, Groove-Centered Productions.” John Bush, AMG. more

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