Belle And Sebastian

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

3..6..9 Seconds Of Light
Used - LP - JPR12003
1997 4 Track 12" EP In Glossy, Unplayed Condition. “3.. 6.. 9 Seconds Of Light Concludes Belle & Sebastian's Streak Of Three Extraordinary EPs In 1997 In Grand Style, Offering Four Remarkable Songs From Stuart Murdoch. "A Century Of Fakers" Has Different Lyrics And A Melody Than Lazy Line Painter Jane's "A Century Of Elvis," Which Consisted Of The Same Backing Track And A Spoken Story. "Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie" Is A Reverb-Drenched Song That Is The Closest The Band Has Ever Come To Rock, And "Put The Book Back On The Shelf" Is A Typically Lovely Slow Number, But "Beautiful," With Its Graceful, Lyrical Melody, Ranks Among Murdoch's Best Ballads.” – S.T. Erelewine, AMG more
BBC Sessions
Used - LP - OLE 845
2001 2LP 180gm HQ Original Housed In A Gatefold Cover. Vinyl Plays VG+ Overall. more
Belle & Sebastian
Used - LP - JPR 12001
1997 UK 4 Track EP Picture Sleeve. more
Boy With The Arab Strap
Used - LP - OLE 311
Beautiful 1998 180gm HQ, Gatefold Jacket. Appears Unplayed. more
Boy With The Arab Strap
New - LP - OLE 311-1
Factory Sealed 180gm HQ Pressing In Gatefold Jacket. more
Boy With The Arab Strap
Used - LP - OLE 311-1
180gm HQ Pressing In Gatefold Jacket. Vinyl Appears Glossy. more
Boy With The Arab Strap
New - LP - OLE 311
Sealed Gatefold Reissue. more
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
Used - LP - OLE 429
2000 180gm HQ Original, Gatefold Jacket. more
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
New - LP - OLE 429
Factory Sealed, Out Of Print, 2014 180gm HQ Gatefold Reissue Of Their 2000 Release. more
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
Used - LP - OLE 429
Out Of Print 2008 180gm HQ Housed In A Gatefold Cover. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. more
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
New - LP - OLE 429-1
Hard To Find Sealed 2000 150gm Original Pressing Housed In A Gatefold Cover. more
Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance
New - LP - OLE-1056-1
Sealed 2015 2LP Gatefold Original. "Irony Abounds In The Title Of Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, The Ninth Album By The Scottish Collective Belle & Sebastian. It Goes Unstated That The Record Was Released In An Atmosphere Not Quite Synonymous With Peace, But The Group Unquestionably Want To Dance, Spending Nearly Half Of This Lengthy Record Grooving To A Neo-Disco Beat. To Approximate The Pulse Of A Mirror Ball, Belle & Sebastian Hired Ben H Allen, A Producer Best Known For His Work With The Modern Psychedelic Troupes Animal Collective And Washed Out, A Decided Shift Away From The Exquisitely Sculpted Miniatures That Populated B&S' Two Records With Tony Hoffer, Particularly Write About Love. If That 2010 Album Found The Band Embracing Their Eccentricities And Taking The Time To Whittle Their Quirks Down To Their Basic Elements, Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance Finds The Group Stretching Way Out, Twice Taking As Long As Seven Minutes To Complete A Cut And Only Once Flirting With The Three-Minute Mark. Surely, The Grandest Formal Experiments Are The Longest Tracks -- "Enter Sylvia Path" Plays Like A Slyly Decadent 12" Mix And "Play For Today," Featuring Dee Dee Penny Of The Dum Dum Girls, Is A Duet With De Facto Leader Stuart Murdoch -- But Even The Relatively Concise "The Party Line" Bears A Heavy Four-Four Thump, And "Perfect Couples" Percolates With Polyrhythms Previously Unheard On Belle & Sebastian's Records. Next To These Brazen Departures Lie A Few Songs Where Flashy Production Tricks Are Grafted Upon Pleasingly Familiar B&S Forms (The Hard Swing And Fuzz Of "Allie," The Analog Whine On "The Power Of Three," The Motown Bounce Of "The Book Of You'), Along With Reassuringly Meditative Ballads And The Remarkable "The Everlasting Muse," Which Takes A Sharp Left Turn From Jazz To Woozy Folk. This Is The Sound Of A Band That's Growing Fearless In Middle Age, And While The Record Occasionally Does Drag -- All Those Long Songs Push It Over An Hour, But The Sequencing Makes It Feel Even Longer -- There's Also A Thrill Hearing A Band Unafraid To Stumble." AMG - S.T. Erlewine more
Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance
New - LP - OLE-1056-8
Sealed 2014 Deluxe, Limited Edition 4LP Box Set With Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink. Comes With Double-Sided Poster And Four Unique Album Jackets. Includes Four Extra Songs Not On The Regular Edition: "Born To Act," "Two Birds" "Piggy In The Middle" And "A Politician's Silence." Plus Extended Mixes Of "Perfect Couples" And "Ever Had A Little Faith." Shrink Wrap Is Torn In A Few Spots (See Scan) But Box Is Still Sealed. more
God Help The Girl
New - LP - OLE 866
Sealed 2009 180gm Gatefold Vinyl. more
God Help The Girl
New - LP - OLE 866
Sealed 2009 180gm Gatefold Vinyl. more
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2)
New - 12 - OLE-1195-1
Sealed 2019 12" EP, Part Of A Series Of Three. more
I'm Waking Up To Us
Used - 12 - OLE 511
2001 45rpm 180gm 3 Track 12 Inch Picture Sleeve. Light, But Audible Tick On Side 2/Track One Registering In And Out For Around 20 Revolutions. Aside From This Instance LP Plays Wonderfully. more
If You're Feeling Sinister
New - LP - OLE 296
Sealed 1996 180gm HQ Gatefold Vinyl Pressed At RTI. Includes MP3 Downland Of Entire Album. more
If You're Feeling Sinister
Used - LP - OLE 296
180gm HQ Gatefold Vinyl Pressed At RTI In Glossy, Unplayed Condition. more
Jeepster Singles Collection
Box Set - New - JPR12BOX1
Sealed 2016 180gm 7EP Box Set, Part Of A Limited Run Of 1200. This Is Nummber #253. A Sumptuous Anthology Of All Seven Of Belle And Sebastian's Jeepster Extended Play 12" Singles (Dog On Wheels; Lazy Line Painter Jane; 3..6..9 Second Of Light; This Is Just A Modern Rock Song; Legal Man; Jonathan David; I'm Waking Up To Us) Remastered And Pressed On Heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl. The Collection Features A Brand New Extended Mix Of "Judy Is A Dick Slap," A 20 Page Booklet Of Rare Memorabilia And Unseen Archive Photos. The Package Comes Complete With A Photo Print, The Complete Jeepster Promo Video Collection And Exclusive Content On DVD, Replica '90s Fanzines And A Download Card. more
Legal Man / Judy Is A Dick Slap
Used - 12 - OLE 448
2000 Original US 2-Song 150gm 45rpm Maxi 12" Single With Intact Shrink. more
Legal Man / Judy Is A Dick Slap
New - 12 - OLE 448
Sealed 2000 2 Track 150gm 45rpm Maxi Single. Two Exclusive Tracks Not On Their New Album. more
Life Pursuit
New - LP - OLE 687
Sealed 2006 2LP Gatefold. more
Life Pursuit
Used - LP - OLE 687
Hard To Find 2006 2LP Gatefold Original With Custom Inner Sleeves. Both LPs Appear Unplayed. more
Push Bar Man To Open Old Wounds
Audiophile - LP - OLE 649
Sealed, 2005 Limited Edition, Deluxe Packaging 3LP Compilation Of The Seven Non-Album EP's Recorded Between 1997 To 2001. more
Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
New - LP - OLE 649-8
Sealed (Resealable Bag) 2014 3LP Compilation. Includes Obi. “Belle & Sebastian Never Felt Tied Down To The Album As The Ultimate Expression Of A Band's Worth. Put Simply, They Didn't Feel The Need To Hold Back Their Best Songs For Albums; The Fourth Song On A Four-Song EP Was Just As Likely To Be Among Their Finest As Any Other. For Proof Check Out Push Barman To Open New Wounds, A Handy Compilation Of The Group's Eps Recorded Between 1997 And 2001 For Jeepster And Matador. Beginning With "Dog On Wheels" All The Way Through, The Band Used Its Eps As Means Of Exploring New Sounds And Angles (Check The Groovy '60s Spy Song "Legal Man," The Epic In Length And Scope "This Is Just A Modern Love Song," The Bubbly Sunshine Pop Of "I Love My Car," Or The Silly Instrumental "Judy Is A Dick Slap") As Well As An Outlet For Great Songs That Wouldn't Fit On Albums, Like "Slow Graffiti," "A Century Of Fakers," And "Lazy Line Painter Jane." Some Of The Tracks Here Would Be Pillars On A B&S Greatest-Hits Compilation Too; Fantastic Songs Like "Dog On Wheels," "The State I Am In," "I'm Waking Up To Us," And "Put The Book Back On The Shelf." Push Barman To Open New Wounds Is Essential Listening.” – Tim Sendra, AMG more
Sing Jonathan David
New - 12 - OLE 510
Sealed 2001 First Pressing On 150gm Vinyl. more
New - LP - OLE 512
Sealed 2002 Gatefold. more
The Third Eye Centre
New - LP - OLE 1038
Sealed 2013 2LP Gatefold With Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink. Compiles Remixes And Non-LP Tracks From The Last Decade. more
This Is Just A Modern Rock Song
Used - LP - JPR12 009
1998 4 Track Mini LP. Picture Sleeve. Unplayed. more
Used - LP - JPRLP 007
Beautiful UK Heavy Vinyl Original. Appears Unplayed. more
New - LP - OLE 361
Factory Sealed, Long Out Of Print 1999 180gm HQ First U.S. Pressing Of Their 1996 Debut Album. 4 Stars In All Music Guide. more
Used - LP - Ole 361
Debut LP From The Scottish Indie Rockers. Appears To Be The 1999 Jeepster Re-Issue Version That Was Bought By Matador. There Is A Matador Sticker Over The Jeepster Bar Code On The Back Cover. The LP Has The Jeepster Labels With JPRLP007 Number, Which Also Appears In The Deadwax. more
Write About Love
New - LP - OLE-944-1
Sealed 2010 Gatefold LP. more

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