Sherwood, Adrian

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Never Trust A Hippy
Audiophile - LP - LPRW 110
2LP 180gm HQ Import. It's A Mystery, Really, Why A Music Biz Legend Like Adrian Sherwood Hasn't Released A Solo Album Until Now. Okay, The Man Has Been Rather Busy Over The Last Twenty Years Or So, Producing And/Or Remixing Some Of The Most Innovative Recordings Under His Own Moniker Or That Of His On-U Sound Label Never Trust A Hippy Reflects The Way Its Maker Sees The Multifarious Real World. "It's A Logical Marriage," Sherwood Says. "I Was Thinking About Myself In Conjunction With The Bulk Of What Real World Has Done. It's Not A Remix Album, It's One Piece Of Work. It's My Own Version Of A Kind Of World Music-Sci-Fi-Dub-Dancehall Record, Made Contemporary By Using Such Great People As Sly And Robbie, Lenky, Jazzwad And Bubblers." This Being His First Venture As A Solo Artist, He Admits To Feeling Slightly Trepidatious About Stepping Into Unknown Territory. But After Testing It Out On The Dance Floor - His Fail-Safe Litmus Test - He Is Exceptionally Proud Of The Result. "I Can Play This Out In Clubs And Happily Have It Represent Me. And I Know These Tracks Go Down Really Well Loud. Last Copy. more
Recovery Time
New - 12 - ONULP1023
Sealed 2012 4 Track 12" EP Featuring Remixes Of Songs On Sherwood's "Survival & Resistance" LP. more
Survival And Resistance
New - LP - ONULP1022
Sealed, Out Of Print 2012 Gatefold Original. “While Adrian Sherwood's Name Is Nearly Synonymous With Dub, And His Methodology Informs And Even Governs Everything He Does, None Of The Records Under His Own Name Bear His Signature Like Survival & Resistance Does. By Its Title, One Might (Rightfully) Assume This Is Another Of The Producer And Mixologist's Outwardly Angry Noise Orgies, Full Of Blasted Bass Distortion, Enormous Beats, And Squalling Guitars With His Own Persona Buried In The Backdrop. Not So. Survival & Resistance Is A Murky Album; Sherwood's Character Is Upfront Not Only Guiding The Proceedings From The Mixing Desk, But Conducting Them. This Is Mostly Low-Ebb Dub, Full Of Implied Menace And Tension. It's Nocturnal, Suggestive, And Spacey; It's The Shadowy Spirit Of Rebellion. George Oban's Bass Bubbles Right Atop The Mix Throughout; The Driving Force That Everything Here Is Built Upon. His Sense Of Time, Nuance, And Authority Is Key To Sherwood's Creativity, Which Is Vital As Ever. Other Collaborators Include Familiar Faces -- Crocodile, Skip McDonald, And Crucial Tony Are All Present. As Always, Mixology Co-Exists With Dynamite Studio Playing. "Balance" Winds The Circuit Boards To Near Warp As The Reggae Counters In Noirish Ballad Mode. The Truly Sinister "Trapped Here," With Vocals By Ghetto Priest, Names The Beast Of Babylon With Quiet Certainty As McDonald's Keyboards, Ominous Samples, And Crocodile's Tune Sequencers Point At The Dark Heart Of The Singer's Ire. The Paranoid Transmission "U.R. Sound" Features The Disembodied Voice Of Timothy Leary Over The Top Of Deep, Dread Dub. The Brazilian-Tinged "Starship Bahia," With Its Slipping Channels, Layers Of Percussion, And Polyrhythms Moves Alongside Stretched-Out Keyboard Lines, Muted, Low-String Guitars, And Washes Of Echo And Bass. "Effective" Juxtaposes Old-School Dub With 21st Century Effects And Still Sounds Organic. "Bossa 2" Contains Everything From Berimbau And Hand Drums To Reverberating Snares And Squalling Oscillators Slipping In And Out Of Guitar, Flute, And Whistle Sounds. It's A Sonic Place Where The Rural Is In Conflict With The Urban And The End Result Contains Both In Uneasy Balance. Sherwood Is As Vital, Cagey, And Creative As Ever On Survival & Resistance, Using Tried And True Methods To Experiment With And Subvert The Digital Status Quo.” Thom Jurek, AMG. more

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